Outstanding Australian Alumni Association 2013

Outstanding Australian Alumni Association 2013

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Adhoc activities organised by Alumni members for meetings / drinks / chill out sessions with each other. Click on "COMMENTS" to commence!

After the activities, please let us have the pictures of your Adhoc Activities to post on this blog!!!

Casual Drinks @ Father Flannagans -CHIJMES (24 November 2006)

Dinner @ Smith Street (8 December 2006)

Velvet Underground @ Zouk (8 December 2006)


obendorf said...

Hmmm "Ah Hoc" Activities. Sounds like someone in the legal profession has a rather nasty sneeze! But we do look cheerful!

Here's to more ah/ad hoc activities!

Richard said...

Being cheerful and happy is the name of the game! So where shall it next be?

Durian MAKANSUTRA @ Geylang?

Over to you Simon, Seng Seng, Timothy & Tao Liang....

Tao Liang said...

Happy to check out anything as long as there are some local alumni to help guide the unwitting foreigner - cockles and Orchard Tower - need i say more?

Richard said...

Always the willing local guide... volunteers?

Richard said...

Okay mates,based on last nite's discussion, Durian Fiesta is a "GO".. so now, day date venue needs to be fixed... Suggestions??

Lee Tao Liang said...

Let me find a date where i dont need to talk to anyone for the next few days so as to be sure i've gotten rid of the durian breath!

Nah actually any date is fine for now.

Richard said...

So my friend Tao Liang.. after seeing the pictures, do you regret not coming for the Xmas party? Think u missed out on winning the Otard, wines, Whiskeys and Holidays!

Richard said...

Durians on 30 December 2006 (Saturday)@ Geylang - least everyone will have 2 days break thereafter.

Whats left to fix is the timing.

esther.w said...

Man! Thought when we shaked heads to make it blur so that can avoid being posted in blog, you in fact out all in ... Grr... we looked real blur... Richard!!!!

Richard said...

Of course... we have to post all the chio "pretty" pictures of the gals... and all the yandao "handsome" guys on the blog ... notwithstanding the ghostly effects! :) Had a great time last night... THANKS everyone!

Richard said...

Activities :-

Durian Makansutra : 30 Dec 2006, 7 pm, Meeting Venue : TBC (Most likely Aljunied MRT station)

Weekend KL Holiday : Jan 2007, Fri - Sat (Date TBC)

Maurice said...

Hi all,

Let me introduce myself. I'm Maurice Ling, graduated with science honours in 2004. Now I'm doing my postgraduate in Melbourne University also. Well, I came to know about this alumni association through Richard.

Ok, back to the thing I want to say... See you for the durian feast.


Richard said...

Okay folks...... Confirmed Activities.

1. Christmas Party @ Jordan's - 25 Dec 2006. Invite opened to attendees of X'mas Party. RSVP directly with Jordan.

2. Movie Outing - Curse of the Golden Flower. RSVP interest here. (Organised by Elaine)

3. Durian Makan @ Geylang - 30 Dec 2006 - Meet @ Aljunied MRT 7 pm. RSVP your interest here. (Organised by Richard)

3. Weekend KL Trip - Tentative 9 (evening) - 11 Feb 07. RSVP interest here. (Organised by Tao Liang)

Anonymous said...

Hello, when is the movie outing? The curse of the golden flower...is that the Gong Li one? If it is, i'm in! cheers, Jordan

Evonne said...

Hi all,
Count me in for my first alumni outing, the durian fest.

Richard said...

Movie outing is on 27 Dec 2006.

AY said...

Yeaps. Durians is a go!

Richard said...

Okay folks... there are slight changes and more details....

1. Durian Makan @ Geylang - 30 Dec 2006 - Meet @ Aljunied MRT 7.30 pm. RSVP your interest here. (Organised by Richard)

- By request (from the non-durian eaters and the purists), we will proceed for some light dinner at Geylang, and then followed by a durian / fruit eating session.

- Violent protesters.... voice ya dissent here.. or on Saturday! :)

- Actually, I personally feel like eating some Taiwan Bean curd after all the durians.. not had that for ages!

3. Weekend KL Trip - Tentative 19 January 2007 (late night) - 21 January 2007. RSVP interest here. (Organised by Tao Liang)

- Will coach up to KL right about midnight, arriving in KL in the early morning.

- Plan is to meet up with the KL alumni association, have some shopping, local fare etc

- And for those who party.. yes.. there would be clubbing, pubbing and drinking...

Richard said...

Sorry left out No. 2.. just in case u folks were wondering.....

2. Some of us are interested in forming a BADMINTON activity group. Contact me directly on rikstan@gmail.com if you are keen to partake in such a.... sport.

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