Outstanding Australian Alumni Association 2013

Outstanding Australian Alumni Association 2013

Thursday, December 21, 2006


The EGM would be held 3 Feb 2007. All Ordinary members (Life / Term) would be sent a copy of the Notice of EGM via electronic mail by early Jan 2007.

Agenda for EGM -

1. Change / Amendment of Constitution.

A vote will be called to decide on the amendments of the current constitution of the Alumni Association. The approved constitution will be subsequently filed with the Registry of Societies, Singapore.

2. By - Election of 1 new Office Bearer (Vice President ) and 6 new Executive Committee Members**.

The following Executive Committee Members will be stepping down as of 3 Feb 2007, Ms. Catherine Chan, Mr. Kevin Koh, Ms. Kerry Lau, Mr. Nathaniel Bradshaw, Ms. Ou Jia Jia, and Ms. Jacquelyn Wang.

The following Office Bearer (Vice-President) will be stepping down as of 3 Feb 2007, Mr. Richard Tan.

Members who are keen to contribute to our rejuvenation and serve on the Executive Committee are encouraged to stand for elections for the abovementioned positions.

** The Term would commence from 3 Feb 2007 and terminate at the Annual General Meeting to be held on July 2007

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