Outstanding Australian Alumni Association 2013

Outstanding Australian Alumni Association 2013

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Date : 3 February 2007
Time : 10 AM
Purpose : Extraordinary General Meeting ("EGM")

The EGM was convened and declared open my Mr. Michael Heng our President at 10 am upon the satisfaction of the required quorum. Matters discussed included the approval of a proposed constitution and the election of new executive committee members to replace the outgoing executive committee members.

1. Constitution

Our outgoing Vice-President Mr. Richard Tan brought members present through the constitution of the Association and highlighted to the members the proposed changes and counter proposals by various members such as Mr. David Lim, who unfortunately were unable to attend our EGM.

After much discussion, the proposed constitution with further amendments instituted was unanimously passed. A electronic copy of the approved constitution would be made available upon request to all fully paid and admitted Ordinary Members of the Association.

2. Election of New Executive Committee Members

Mr. Michael Heng, expressed his thanks on behalf of the Association to all outgoing executive committee members (Mr. Richard Tan, Ms. Catherine Chan, Mr. Kevin Koh, Ms. Kerry Lau, Mr. Nathaniel Bradshaw, Ms. Ou Jia Jia, Ms. Qiu Minyan, Ms. Jacquelyn Wang) for their contribution and services to the Association since its rejuvenation in July 2006.

The following persons were duly voted into office :-

Ms. Vivien Chong - Vice-President
Ms. Lily M. Abraham - Executive Committee Member
Ms. Agnes Goh - Executive Committee Member
Mr. Timothy Koh - Executive Committee Member

There being no other matters, the meeting was declared closed by Mr. Michael Heng at 1.20 pm.

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