Outstanding Australian Alumni Association 2013

Outstanding Australian Alumni Association 2013

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Singapore Fireworks Celebration@Marina Bay

On the 18th August 2007, we had an awesome night to watch a beautiful firework competition and celebrated Singapore's 42nd birthday on the roof of Bacchus Waterboat House.

The University of Melbourne Alumni Singapore Association once again gathered many of the new alumni members and our friends to join this wonderful night with free flow of wines and dine right under the stars looking at both the Esplanade and Merlion within sight.

World-class producers from Europe and Asia stage spectacular pyromusicals set the night skies ablaze with beautiful fireworks accompanied by stirring music from the brand new floating stadium at Marina Bay, Singapore.

The Singapore Fireworks Celebration is an annual event as part of its National Day celebration. This year, it featured several local and foreign teams which launched fireworks displays on 17 and 18 August 2007. The event opened in the evening with a festive carnival featuring a wide array of arts and charity stalls, entertaining street performances from Spain and China in the Marina Bay.

All of us had fun on that beautiful night with great companionship, good food and fine wines. We are looking forward for more members to join us in our up coming events in Singapore!

To the new alumni members, welcome to The University of Melbourne Alumni Singapore Association!


Lily M. said...

Fantastic fireworks display, Good companion & lots of fun! Nice blogs too :)
Wonder when will the next one be tho.. mm.. wait, wait & wait..

esther said...

Yeah, can't wait! more to come and will have further update for those up and coming events!

Ric said...

Hmm so happening and when all of us are here in Melb.. nvm, we shall try our best to have our happening life here on ya behalf! Haa haa! Cheers guys keep up the great work ... :)

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