Outstanding Australian Alumni Association 2013

Outstanding Australian Alumni Association 2013

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Party!!!!

Dear fellow Melb Uni alumni,

Let's have a look at what we did to make 2007 Christmas shine by University of Melbourne Alumni Association in Singapore's chapter!
This year, we celebrated a memorable Chritsmas at Leo Espresso Bar - Denise The Wine Shop with a christmas tree, festive decorations, lovely christmas song and last but not least the incredible waiters/waitresses! Over 50 of our alumni, friends and University of Queensland alumni representatives in Singapore joined the party, went home with gifts, prizes, enjoyed fine food, fun games and had a wonderful experience at our party!

Let's cut the story short and enjoy the Christmas photos!

Leo's Espresso Cafe - Denise The Wine Shop .

This year we had over 50 alumni and their love ones joining our party and dress in the theme of "Green, Red and Gold". To our surprise, we even had a "Phantom alumni" joining our color theme party!

Pre-cocktail is always the time to meet new friends and old friends that you never thought you'd meet them in Singapore! Some of our alumni had even just returned from Melbourne and had headed right to our party.

After the pre-cocktails, we had our game master - Adrian kick start the games and warmed up the whole crowd by separating them into teams. Shortly there after, all you could hear was laughter!

The games were engaging and all the teams played real hard to win the fantastic prizes on offer!

The pile of wonderful pressies for the gift exchange...everyone went home with one.

Our last game - Mr. & Ms Alumni 2007 competition! Guess who were the winners?

Not them but they were cool hip-hop style partners!

Nope! Not them too they were close but almost there!

Not them but they rocked!

Not them too but they were sweet partners!

Yes! That's right! Mr. & Ms Alumni!

We had a little surprise for one in our committee - Lily's Birthday celebration!

It's time for group photos!

Thanks to all who came to the Singapore Melbourne University Alumni 2007 Christmas Party and We hope to see you next year!

Specially thanks to our volunteered-photographers - Jon and Robby who sacrificed their time in the party to take all fantastic photos of everyone!

We appreciate your effort!

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