Outstanding Australian Alumni Association 2013

Outstanding Australian Alumni Association 2013

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Children Charity 2012

A Movie Day Out with the Children from Darul Ishan Orphanage

Date: 24th November 2012 (Saturday) 

Time: 2pm to 6pm 

Venue: Vivo City – GV Cinema Entrance 

Screening: Rise of the Guardians (Animation)

Planning for any event is always not an easy task - especially coordinating a full team of volunteers. This is our first collaboration with the Singapore Alumni for the University of Queensland. Busy people with busy schedules, we'll never find the time to get together - that was the first thought on my mind. Good news is we managed to pull it through and without much of a glitch! We are all set for the ticket launch...to be honest, the planning team were not too confident that we will manage to sell the entire 60 odd tickets.

Thanks to the support of our alumni and dedicated team, we sold out all the tickets within a day!

November 24 finally arrived and the volunteers and sponsors from both alumni gathered at the ticketing area right on time! For once, we can't believe that everyone would be this punctual.

As soon as the kids arrive, we proceed with the collection of goodie bags and popcorn combo sets. We had a UQ alumni member who helped getting the children into groups and the volunteers had a couple of minutes to get to know the children. As we had the whole cinema to ourselves, there were not much hassle getting seated and ready for the show.

Verdict was soon passed as the theatre was filled with laughters. Adults and children alike, we were all sucked right into the plot as Jack Frost saved Santa and the other guardians! Christmas came early for sure that afternoon. The children loved the show and we then proceeded to Ben & Jerry's for the afternoon treat. The children and volunteers were split into groups and we had a fun hour of charades before heading home.

The entire event was made possible because generosity of all the volunteers and sponsors. Our committee would like to take the opportunity to thank the following corporate sponsors

Now the planning committee is off to take on their next challenge - to purchase the school shoes for the children. A special thank you to Mr David Tang, CEO of Metro Retail, who sponsored 50 school bags for the home.

Presenting the bags to Mr. Sheikh Anwarul Bin Mohamad Sharif representing
the Darul Ishan Orphanage
Finally a big thank you to the University of Queensland Alumni (Shawn Lee & Isaac) and our own University of Melbourne Alumni (Daniel Chua, Kelvin Koh, Danny J, Keelan Woon) for working together with me to make this event both meaningful and possible!

Merry Christmas everyone! We look forward to you support again in the next event.


Agnes Goh


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