Outstanding Australian Alumni Association 2013

Outstanding Australian Alumni Association 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chinese New Year and Welcome Back Graduates BBQ 2013

An evening of fun & food in the company of our alumni, fresh graduates and committee members from the various alumni associations - Australian Alumni Singapore, Queensland, Monash, Newcastle, Murdoch and Macquarie. All here to celebrate the year of the Black Water Snake (horoscope: a year meant for steady progress and attention to detail).

The evening was further graced and entertained by Keith Lee who sponsored and explained some secrets to roasting the island's Best Crackling Pork Roast! See facebook website of Roast & Host by Keith & Kin http://www.facebook.com/roast.host.keith.kin. We're so glad that Keith has managed to wing a slab to make our event special kicking in the CNY festivities!

Fantastic fun indeed and wishing everyone peach & prosperity as we all slither into the Year of the Snake!


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