Outstanding Australian Alumni Association 2013

Outstanding Australian Alumni Association 2013

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Funny Five | On a Colossal Comedic Odyssey

Five comedians held captive some 30-odd Melbourne Uni alumni and guests among others in a near-full house DBS Arts Centre on 12 July. The brakes were off and it was just non-stop hilarity from the first joke.

MC Harley Breen’s smashing delivery set up the bar really high from the onset, rousing the crowd with his side splitting tales of fatherhood. His unpredictable yet highly relatable comedy created an instant likeability with the audience.

Luke McGregor followed suit, with an impressively humble rendition of his worrisome and awkward OCD self. His half skip/jump antic before bedtime was hilarious!

Joel Creasey was next. And he brought down the house with his mesmerizing storytelling and acerbic critique of the people he had run-ins with including Celine Dion! Lmao!

Anne Edmonds is a heckle magnet. It’s almost as if she thrives on that! Her vocals blew us away – I thought her singing was amazing. I quite liked her idea of leaving a boring conversation by hopping backwards and yelling out as you did so, but I doubt it’d work spectacularly in Singapore without invoking considerable 5 min-epiphanies.

Last but certainly not least, up stepped Ronny Chieng – the very confident, rapid-fire comedy gunner. His Malaysian descent and part Singapore upbringing made him stand out instantly from the rest. What a performance! Ronnie’s tales of an IT-challenged mom and his distaste (to put mildly) of people that questioned if his parents were cool with him doing various things, were incredibly funny and all too familiar!

Ronnie took time out after the show to briefly catch up with some of us from UMAA (Singapore), which was fantastic of him! We gave him a tie from the University and he was very supportive of our Association – saying that it’s great that it’s so active and so alive.

Well, we definitely hope to keep that going! And look forward with bated breath for Ronnie’s solo show (Chieng Reaction) in September. We’re definitely GOOD WITH THAT Ronnie!

YouTube them if you missed out on last night’s outing. Or better still, catch em in their next visit – starting with Ronnie’s show in September.

To the famous funny five, thanks for the five star comedy!

Ronnie graciously meets up with some of us from UMAA (Singapore) right after the 6pm show concludes at the DBS Arts Centre. From Left: Rachel, Shirley, Danny, Ronnie, David (back), Jingyi (Tan), Jing Yi (Ong), Lily, Jaisie, Jia Ying, Kathe.

By Thomas Danny J

UMAA (Singapore)

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