Outstanding Australian Alumni Association 2013

Outstanding Australian Alumni Association 2013

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Tremendous as always.

Photography by Tan Jingyi
2 August 2014 Fireworks event @ Orgo, Esplanade
Every person has a marker to measure their time and my time in Singapore is definitely measured by the annual preview of Singapore’s National Day Parade Show. In fact, the University of Melbourne Alumni Association Singapore (UMAA Singapore) and I first officially met at the Orgo Bar and Restaurant 3 years ago. Back then I was a fresher faced ex-pat, but I had such a tremendous experience, that this year when I received the email to The Orgo, such a unique vantage point, to enjoy the visual and auditory experience of the Parade Show unraveling on land, water and sky, I simply had to answer the call – again.

I am so glad I did first go, 'way back' then and then again the next and then this year. This event is “moreish”. It is easy to ask for more. It is so much more than just a private party. It is a great public celebration in a great venue.

This years invite was for everyone at least two celebrations in the one location. It was the National Day Parade Show and for Orgo bar and restaurant their 5th Anniversary. But for my wife Anne and I celebrating our third consecutive National Day anniversary, on the Orgo rooftop, we were making it a third "preview anniversary”. Our private Singapore milestone celebrated in a very public way.

And yes, our fun had lots to do with the show over a free flow of drinks and tapas and fun games. And yes we were not let down by a dramatic and vibrant display of fireworks to end the evening. But probably it was the old friends and new found camaraderie which was the capstone of pleasure; it was the meet and greet that sparkled for us. And the magic of the event was matched by a magician at the event. How does he pull that card out each and very time? Well done! I guess you had to be there – as seeing his hand (or not) was believing.

Tickets went fast for this event, the night even faster and I was just too slow to get the phone out to film the fighter planes, but I got the sky jumpers, the canons, the “gun salut”, the Merlion, the friends and the view. And when I woke up the next day and played it to my 5 year old and 7 year old, they got it completely. So did we – we think this event feels like our annual party as we become big kids again (if only for a night).

So thank you Event organisers from Mebourne Uni Alumni and all the Alumni friends who came, to make the magic possible; thank you Orgo for your staff were tremendous as always. And thank you Singapore. We got the fun and importance of the 49th National Day Parade, and next week when our family watches it on TV, we will be very happy we got the UMAA Singapore opportunity to preview the show a week early.

We will be even more proud to enjoy the celebration with everyone on the day, because we have.

By Stephen Bhogal
UMAA (Singapore)

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