Outstanding Australian Alumni Association 2013

Outstanding Australian Alumni Association 2013

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Welcome Home Graduates 2015!

Yesterday (7 Feb 2015) was special for so many reasons. It marked: the day of the Beatles’ first visit to the US in 1964; the day Astronaut Bruce McCandles unhooked a lifeline to become the first human to fly free in space in 1984; the day when Stamford Raffles left Singapore in 1819 (after taking it over); the day of the Retrolicious concert (right in the backyard of this venue); and best of all, the day we welcomed home our fresh graduates from the University of Melbourne!

We received overwhelming interest (70pax) on paper in the Welcome Home Graduates event, with a number of recent graduates in the guest list! Those who made it were entreated to a lively offering that included goodie bags for recent graduates, an ice-breaker, a stellar line-up of 3 alumni speakers, delicious hi-tea, and access to a photo booth with instant printouts!

And we experienced all of this at the iconic heritage – the Fort Canning Hotel – a place we last converged in nearly two and a half years ago - on 15 September 2012 for our 2012 Melbourne Leadership Series. Like then, this time we also featured speakers representing a range of industries, who engaged our graduates with their amazing career insights and solid advice on forging a successful career path.

It was just great. I'm so glad for being in the company of greatness. :)

Our thanks go out to the following parties who made this event possible:
  • Key Sponsors, (Melb Uni - Jaclyn, Teri)
  • Co-organisers (Melb Uni - Jaclyn, Teri; UMAA Singapore - Kah Shen, Danny)
  • Emcee (Bryan)
  • Speakers (Dr Jason from Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Nadia from Channel News Asia and Evelyn from the AWWA School)
  • Registration (Shu Li and Andrew)
  • Logistics (Teri, Rachel, Kah Shen)
  • Treasurer (Kelvin)
  • Photography (Jingyi and Kah Shen)
  • AAS support (Ee Win)
  • Fort Canning key staff (Priscilla, Joanna)
  • and appreciative guests at the event
Enjoy the photos!

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